thereal-j-swaqq said: Do you ship to New Zealand? :)

Yeah! All products can be found at: www.thedopelyfe.bigcartel.com

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Anonymous said: Why don't you re-stock things when people want them? Aren't you losing $$$?

Its way too easy to keep restocking, so many brands do it and their products slowly become more and more worthless because of doing so, so we’d rather just have limited runs of things that maintain their exclusivity rather than endless amounts of worthless products and loads of $!

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"we’re gna release some new tshirts…"

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Anonymous said: It does but when I log in it says: "Link a credit card to your PayPal account if you want to pay for this." Thing is, I already did that.

hmm thats strange! aight well if you shoot an email to:  thedopelyfe@hotmail.co.uk    we’ll try and sort that for you! cheers!

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ayesuos said: You make me feel like I'm that nigga with the Fiji bottle bucket.

fuck yeah g we love that! ##FIJIBOYZ##

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chilljunky said: When will you guys restock on stuff? I kinda also want a Hennessy sweater .. But it's sold out. :/

we never restock g, once something sells out its gone forever!

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Anonymous said: I cant pay with paypal but I do have balance on my account...

when you go to the checkout it should take you automatically to paypal where you can pay there! just make sure your address is correct too :) cheers!


chilljunky said: Are you guys short on supplies? Because I really want an ocean emoji bucket hat before they sell out!!!!

Yeah man were gettin short now, if you wana order one we reccomend purchasing as soon as possible! Cheers!

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chilljunky said: Where can I order a bucket hat?

Yo! You can buy them at: www.thedopelyfe.bigcartel.com

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Anonymous said: So can a nigga get sponsored?

haha, email follower count and tumblr activity screenshots to: thedopelyfe@hotmail.co.uk


blvckxplorer said: Do you shipping to switzerland? & how much is the shipping to switzerland?

yes and around £5


Anonymous said: How much is shipping to the US?

about £5

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syduck said: Will you ever think about re-releasing some sold out products? Really bums me out that I miss out on buying a hoodie cause I only fairly recently found you guys out.

nah man we never restock our shit! sorry g, thats just how it is unfortunately! we will hopefully have new shit dropping soon though


Anonymous said: Whats the shipping time for the Netherlands?

little less than a week dude

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