Anonymous said: How much is shipping to the US?

about £5

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syduck said: Will you ever think about re-releasing some sold out products? Really bums me out that I miss out on buying a hoodie cause I only fairly recently found you guys out.

nah man we never restock our shit! sorry g, thats just how it is unfortunately! we will hopefully have new shit dropping soon though

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Anonymous said: Whats the shipping time for the Netherlands?

little less than a week dude

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Anonymous said: How long will it take for an order to reach Moscow, Russia?

about a week and a half as it takes awhile to get through russias border control


Anonymous said: When are the bucket hats going to be shipped? I ordered the day they went up

yo,  as we only have a small team and recently we have been a little overwhelmed with orders we have been alittle slower with postage, but all orders are out now and will be with you soon! thank you very much for your patience! (:

also we dont offer package tracking right now, so sorry about that!

thanks again!


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cutest-og said: Hey guys I love your bucket hats to death but I'm a lil worried about them being too tight for my big head Any chance I could get the exact sizings? Or maybe you do bigger sizes? Thanks

ayy bruh, thanks! theyre about 58cm man (: cheers!


grzr said: Have you or plan on coming out with any five panel caps? Its kinda my thang

Maybe man, probably not though! Who knows!

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versacethotpocket said: You guys always come up with the best shit ever :D

Thanks my g!


Anonymous said: How long does it take for an order to get to California?

About a week and a bit, weve been abit overwhelmed with orders recently so weve been a little slower, but were back on it now!


Anonymous said: You're price is in pounds right?



Anonymous said: Why yall don't send to switzerland ? >:(

Huh? We do send to switzerland g! We ship worldwide!


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uncultured-tamer said: If I place an order how long it takes to reach Mty, Mexico?

about a week and a little!