klassikfresco said: How long you been doing your line? 👍

about a year and a half!

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Anonymous said: am i able to pay in canadian dollars for your products

yeah man paypal automatically does it! all products at: www.thedopelyfe.bigcartel.com

"Sorry for release dates delays. Im at a festival and have little internet and shit, theyre coming soon though! As in real soooon! (Monday)"

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Anonymous said: when are the release dates?

Today / tomorrow!


tiredheshmob said: Yo are you gonna come out with the Fiji bucket hat

Yeah man! Release dates coming tonight / tomorrow!


Anonymous said: what does the Japanese box bucket hat say?

'Remain silent'

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"the new bucket hat samples have been checked and are now in production! release dates coming tomorrow!"

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thecomeupkid said: how long do us shipments normally take?

about a week, weve been experiencing some postage difficulties recently so some orders may be slightly delayed, but we’ll get everything out asap so you guys dont have to wait too long! thanks!

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innocent-peaceful-villain said: When are you restocking the dope lyfe $ad bucket hat?


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